Choose Air Duct Machine Wisely

In order to give you a clearer understanding of the production equipment for square ducts and round ducts, we made the following configuration tables for the square tube production line and the round duct production line, which not only meets the requirements of those customers who need highly automated production line, but also meets the needs of those who need simple and economical equipments.

Rectangular Duct Round Duct Economical Solution
Duct Line Auto Duct Line VI (U-type) Spiral Duct Machine Decoiler
Auto Duct Line V Plasma Cutter Beading Machine (5 Line)
Auto Duct Line IV Elbow Machine Electric Shears
Auto Duct Line III Pittsburgh Lockformer Pittsburgh Lockformer
Super Auto Duct Line II Asymmetrical 3 Rolls Bending Machine TDF Flange Forming Machine
Auto Duct Line II Angle Rolls Manual Folding Machine
Plasma Cutter Spot Welding Machine
Angle Steel Flange Production Line
TDF Flange Forming Machine
Pneumatic Folding Machine
Pittsburgh Lockformer
Pneumatic Seam Locking Machine
Duct Corner Mounting Machine
Hydraulic Rivet Machine
Power Press (25T)
Corner Mold
Air Compressor (P0.6-1.2m³)

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