Desktop Plasma Cutter

Desktop Plasma Cutter

Desktop plasma cutter adopt bi-side driving, high precision linear guide rail and gear rack drive, integrated desktop design. The effective cutting size can be customized according to customer requirements. Completely intelligent cutting process, automatically adjusts the cutting height and speed, automatically adjust the cutting airflow pressure and rate.

  • Effective Cutting Size: 1300x3000mm

  • Cutting Thickness: depend on the plasma power

  • Cutting Speed: 20-4000mm/min


Artizono CNC Controller

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine CNC Controller

Artizono Basic Parameter, Configuration:

  • Master MCU: industrial-level ARM9 core,10 inch industrial-level liquid crystal display(LCD)
  • Number of control axes: 2-axes linkage(customizable 3-axes)
  • Max. number of program lines:150,000 lines
  • Maximum single program: 4M
  • File storage: electronic storage disk, 1G
  • User program space: 1G
  • Control accuracy: ± 0.001mm
  • Coordinate range: ± 99999.99mm
  • Maximum pulse frequency: 250KHz; Maximum operating speed: 12 m / min
  • Time resolution: 10ms
  • System power supply: DC + 24V DC power input
  • System working environment: temperature 0 ℃ to + 55 ℃; Relative humidity 0-95% no condensation
  • External interface: USB
  • Keyboard: PCB film keyboard, PS / 2 interface, Omron button
  • Chassis: all metal structure completely shielded, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference, anti-static
  • Support for oxygen gas, plasma, dusting, demonstration

Artizono Controller characteristics:

  • Up to 45 commonly used graphics libraries
  • Graphic scale, rotation, mirroring
  • Graphics matrix, interleaved, repeated
  • Automatically limit speed at the corner according to the plate thickness, effectively prevent over burning.
  • Switch between mm/inch
  • Graphic plate correction
  • Customizable coordinate system
  • Customizable IO
  • System and parameter backup, online upgrade
  • All Chinese / foreign language (English, Japanese, Russian, French, other custom language) Operation menu, a
  • Key switch between Chinese and foreign language.
  • Selecting lines and selecting number
  • Supports edge cutting, offset cutting
  • With power off, breakpoint protection memory function
  • Dynamic / static machining graphic display, graphics zoom in / out, dynamic tracking cutting point in magnified state
  • Supports special nesting software such as Wentai, TYPEIII, PM2000

Artizono Plasma power: (Chengdu Huayuan LGK plasma)

Chengdu Huayuan LGK-plasma

Artizono Main features:

  • The use the world top-notch IGBT modules, fast recovery diodes, integrated circuits, relays, current, voltage regulator and other key components.
  • Branded products with high reliability
  • The use of soft tupe technology to improve the working conditions of the IGBT tube, greatly improving the reliability of IGBT
  • Environment temperature 40 ℃, 100% duty cycle, especially suitable for heavy industry under harsh environment, such as long-time, high current etc
  • Current Slow function reduces the impact of the arc and reduces the consumption of the torch fitting
  • Air pressure, water pressure sensor, the effective protection of the torch to prevent accidental damage to the torch
  • High standard design, high quality parts, fine manufacturing, to ensure machine cutting quality and reliability
  • Inverter control power supply: small size, light weight, can be installed on the CNC cutting machine beam; high efficiency, low energy consumption, greatly reduced the use cost
  • Machine type settings: starting arc signal, arc voltage signal, two-way air supply control, arc voltage output function. Especially suitable for CNC, robot cutting and fill the gap in Chinese market.
  • Easy to achieve parallel operation of two machines, the output current doubled to ensure the cutting of over-thick materials

Input Power V/Hz 3~ 380V± 15% 50/60 Hz
Rated Input capacity KVA 9.5 17.8 22.2 38.8 70.1 93.5
Rated Input Current A 14.5 27 34 71 100 138
Rated Open Circuit Voltage V 300 300 300 315 380 380
Rated Cutting Current A 63 100 120 200 300 400
Rated Cutting Voltage V 106 120 128 160 200 200
Current Adj Range A 30~63 30~100 30~120 40~200 60~300 60~400
Max Cut Thickness(Steel) mm 25 40 45 65 80 90
Quality Cutting Thickness(Steel, hand-held) mm 0.3~12 0.3~22 0.3~25 1~45 1~50 1~50
Quality Cutting Thickness(Steel, machine) mm 6 12 15 25 35 40
Plasma gas Compressed Air
Air Pressure Mpa 0.3~0.5 0.45~0.6 0.45~0.6
Output Signal of Arc Voltage 1: 1 / 1: 20 1: 50 / 1: 100 Arc Voltage
Cutting Torch Cooling Mode Air cooling Air cooling/Water cooling
Rated Duty Cycle % 60/40° C 100/40° C
Insulation Grade F
Protection Grade IP21S
Dimensions(L× W× H) mm 585x280x485 695× 320× 580 800× 380× 810 890× 420× 900
Power Source N. W. Kg 26 51 52 82 140 145

Artizono Power Section

The machine is equipped with high-accuracy stepping motor.

CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Power

Artizono Servo Reducer: (Taiwan Humphrey)

Servo Reducer Taiwan Humphrey

Artizono Performance Parameters

Reduction –gear ratio: input rotation speed to output rotation speed。

Series: number of planetary gears. As a set of planetary gears are unable to meet the larger transmission ratio, sometimes, two sets or three sets is necessary for meeting user’s larger transmission ratio. As the numbers of planetary gears are increased, the length of two or three stage will be increased and the efficiency will decrease.

Full-load efficiency: refers to the transmission efficiency of reducer under the maximum load condition (failure stop the output torque)

Average life: refers to the continuous working hours at highest input rotation speed under the rated load condition.

Rated torque: a standard for the reducer, at this value, the life of the gear equal to the average life when the output speed is at 100r/min, exceed the value, the average life of the reducer will be reduced,  when the output torque exceeds twice the value, the gear will be out of order.

Lubrication method: lubrication-free. The reducer is fully sealed, so no need adding grease during the entire period of use.

Noise: the unit is decibel (dB), which is measured when the input speed at 3000r/min, without load and one meter away from the reducer.

Back stroke clearance: fix the output end and input clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, the input end of reducer will generate a micro angular displacement when rated torque at the output end reaches to+-2%, which is called as back stroke clearance, unit is” minute” namely one of the sixty. Generally, back stroke clearance refers to output of the reducer.

Artizono Arc Voltage Adjustment

Arc Voltage Adjustment of-plasma cutting machine

Artizono Brief Description

Keeping the distance from torch to plate unchanged is the crucial premise to ensure the cutting quality. HP105 can unceasingly adjust the torch height on uneven plate according to the arc voltage value, thus, to maintain the torch to plate distance constant. Automatic control of cutting distance give you access to smooth and high-quality cutting seam, reduce scrap, and improve the cutting speed and efficiency.

No matter HP105 in automatic or manual state, the motor position can be controlled through the lifting switch on the top of operation panel, when switch into automatic model and with arc voltage, the controller will control the cutting height according to the pre-set arc voltage shown on the HP105 panel, keeping the cutting torch in the height, even though the cutting patch on the top of curved steel plate.

  • HP105 portable arc voltage regulator is a kind of small-size arc voltage regulator specially designed for portable CNC cutting machine and light-duty gantry CNC cutting machine.
  • Can be embedded in the cabinet panel, integration is good, wiring is simple
  • New design, the use of patch technology and latest chip design
  • All-roundly improving the machine reliability and anti-interference ability, adding a variety protective circuit
  • Liquid crystal display (LCD), real time display state and parameters, simple and intuitive
  • Built-in” isolating pressing plate” can match with 1:1 or 50:1 arc voltage input
  • Many adjustable technical parameters, such as intelligent arc voltage, control accuracy, manual adjusting speed, automatic sensibility etc.
  • Fully functioned, small weight, can be embedded into the cutting machine directly, all-in-one console
  • Voltage acquisition high accuracy, PWM control DC motor, working smoothly with high sensitivity

Artizono Technical Parameters

  • Input power: DC 24V±10%,2A
  • Lifting motor: DC24V permanent magnet DC motor
  • Output power:40W
  • Speed control: Dual pulse width modulation(PWM) with electrical drive voltage feedback
  • Voltage range: 30-250W
  • Arc voltage accuracy: 1V-5V adjustable by parameter
  • Initial positioning: 1. Proximity to switch-type initial positioning
  • Touch initial positioning (isolation positioning box is necessary)
  • Partial pressure ratio:100:1(built-in isolating pressing plate)
  • Outline dimension: 225mm(W)×80mm(H)×49mm(D)
  • Working environment: -10℃∽60℃
  • Main machine weight: 0.8kg
  • Protection grade:IP64,effectively prevent dust from entering
  • Mounting connector: 2-cores, 4- cores, 5- cores, DB-9 cores
  • Installation position: keep away from heat source, good air convection place

Artizono Nesting Software

Startcam cnc cut and fastcam

Artizono Application Range

For CNC cutting machine, including flame, plasma, laser and water jet and other CNC cutting machine, for any shape parts of the drawing, programming, nesting, calibration and CNC cutting.

Standard software for the Australian FASTCAM (Standard Edition) software for automatic nesting and co-edge, you need to choose SMARTNEST (expert version) or FASTCAM (expert version).

CAD graphics or computer graphics can be converted to cutting parts with the G code, the G code file into the USB, input to the cutting machine, the system automatically converts the G code to the cutting process.

This product is equipped with USB interface, convenient program transmission. Set the seam compensation value in the nesting software.

Programming software ZZ-TL (optional FASTCAM) is AutoCAD-based automatic programming and nesting system. ZZ-TL is designed for a variety of CNC cutting machine with the cutting software, the software can help users to easily achieve a variety of complex parts of the drawing, programming, nesting, not only easy to use, but also bring a clear Economic benefits.

① Drawing method: the use of AutoCAD’s powerful drawing function parts drawing and nesting, and through the DXF, DWG file data processing, automatically generate the required cutting code.

② Cutting method can be used to calculate the actual cutting trajectory of the flame center point; can cut the path and direction of the cutting. You can set the cutting path and the direction of the cutting center.

③ Nesting means: AutoCAD can be based on the random drawing of parts, rotation, copy, mirror, zoom, array and other operations. Can be partially enlarged by window technology.

④ Screen simulation: the actual cutting process can be simulated on the screen processing track, simulation cutting process, and can be any zoom, move.

Intelligent nesting software support AutoCAD R12, R13, R14, A4, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007 and other versions.

Artizono Electrical System

The gas path is controlled by the gas bottle of the equipment. The gas transmission is composed of Taiwan original solenoid valve, special interface or special type panel type dial, so that the operator can adjust and check the gas pressure in the best condition when cutting, Valve switch, my company’s tracheal joint parts using special equipment to suppress, compared with other traditional manufacturers using hose clamp method, the higher security, in use without worrying about pipeline leakage, thereby improving work efficiency.

Artizono Main components detailed list

Name Model/Specification Unit Quantity
Controller Shanghai Fangling Set 1
Drive Motor Zeming Technology Set 3
Planetary Reducer Hunphrey Piece 3
Gear Wuxi Meter 15
Software FASTCam Set 1
Lifting Motor Taiwan Devoter Piece 1
Transverse moving vehicle Self-made Set 1
Bearing Sweden SKF Set 1
Electrical Components Schneider Set 1
Mechanical Section Self-made Set 1
Towing Chain High-standard industrial nylon towing chain Set 2
Rail HIWIN Set 16
Plasma Huayuan LGK-200 Set 1
Arc Voltage Adjusting HEAVTH HP105 Set 1
Anti-collision HEAVTH Set 1

Artizono Main Technical Parameters

  • Working voltage of cutting system: 220VAC,±10%
  • Environment temperature of system normal working: -10℃~ +60℃
  • System reliability: the system can be stable operation within 12V/m electromagnetic radiation intensity.
  • Overall Accuracy: conform to JB/T5102-99《standards for coordinate type gas cutting machine》

(1)Linear positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm/10m
(2)Linear repositioning accuracy: ±0.5mm/10m
(3)Cutting speed: prescribed speed ±0.5mm
(4)Automatic lifting accuracy: ±0.5mm

  • The whole machine accuracy: side length 500×500mm, marking speed: 1m/min

(1)Side length error: ±0.3mm
(2)Diagonal error: ±0.3mm
(3)Homing error: ±0.3mm
(4)Intersection error: ±0.3mm

Artizono Requirements on working environment

Environment temperature 0℃-50℃
Relative humidity <90% no condensation
Surrounding environment Ventilation, no major impact
Power voltage Plasma AC380V±10%,lathe AC220V±10%
Power frequency 50HZ/60Hz
Energy consumption Total power 3000W
Oxygen source pressure 1.2MPa
Gas source pressure 0.1MPa

Model/Specification TNC-1325 TNC-1530 TNC-1830 TNC-2030
Input Power AC 220V±10% 50-60Hz 1.0KW, Plasma 380V
Cutting Method Plasma cutting, Flame cutting ( Customizable )
NC Controllable Width 1900mm 2100mm 2300mm 2500mm
NC Controllable Length(customizable) 3100mm 3600mm 3600mm 3600mm
Effective Cutting Size 1300*2500mm 1500*3000mm 1800*3000mm 2000*3000mm
Cutting Torch Lifting Height 120mm
Cutting Torch Quantity plasma/flame cutting torches
CNC Cutting Torch Quantity 1 pc
Cutting Thickess (mm) Depending on the plasma power/flame cutting 6-150mm
Idle Running Speed 0—5000mm/min
Cutting Speed 20—4000mm/min
Drive Rack: double-side drive
CNC Controller Shanghai Fangling, 10-inch industrial control display
Accessories Lifting pipeline towling chain, one set of tools
Automatic Heght-adjustment 1
Nesting Software FASTCAM( junior expert edition)/ SMARTCUT
Guide Rail Base, Cutting Rack Factory Making

Desktop Plasma Cutter Desktop Plasma Cutter Desktop Plasma Cutter

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