Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutter

Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutter

Adopt the world’s top-ranking IPG laser, movable gantry structure, overall enclosed structure, can keep the stability and security for a long time. Automatic switching table, can realize materials loading and unloading at the same time, convenient and time saving.

  • Laser Power: 100-8000W

  • Cutting Size (LxW): 4000x1500mm

  • Cutting Thickness: 0.2-30mm

Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutter
Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutter

Fiber Laser Cutter Frame

Built by the five-axis precision machining machine, gantry double drive structure, high damping bed, enough rigidity, high stability, strong earthquake resistance, ten years without deformation. Integral casting all aluminum beams, enough rigidity, small weight-bearing, high stability.

Desktop Laser Cutting Machine Laser Power

Laser Power

The world’s top lasers, high-quality beam with high reliability, ultra-high output power, a higher electro-optical conversion efficiency of 30%, lower maintenance costs, compact size, removable, more durable.

Desktop Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Software


Professional CAD / CAM automatic programming software and automatic nesting software, support both Chinese and English interface, rich process parameters, to maximize the savings of raw materials. Provide common edge-sharing, compensation, layout function, simple and convenient operation.

Switzerland RayTools Laser Cutting Head

Laser Cutting Head

  • Built-in autofocus fiber cutting head, the user can set through the program, automatically continuous focus, complete the cutting of plate with different thickness and material as well as fast perforation for the thick plate, the pre-perforation time for 30mm carbon steel less than 8 seconds.
  • Automatic focusing range: +10 ~ -15mm, adjustment accuracy of 0.05mm.
  • Both collimation and focusing can use composite lenses for optimal optical quality and cutting results.
  • With a variety of fiber optic interface, able to adapt to a variety of fiber lasers.
Desktop Laser Cutters Amplifier


With the industry’s highest amplifier responsiveness, high precision, high speed, high torque, large inertia, stable and durable performance, to ensure that the machine’s high speed and acceleration.

Desktop Fiber Laser Cutter Short Circuit Current Protection

Current Protection

With short circuit current protection function, overload current protection function, more secure and more stable.

Laser Cutter Japan SMC Electrical Proportional Valve

Electrical Proportional Valve

Japan SMC electrical proportional valve, the minimum pressure can be adjusted to 0.005mpa, to automatically control the pressure. Using Japan SMC gas group, double gas supply, low-pressure perforation, automatic pressure ventilation.

Laser Cutter Automatic Lubrication System

Automatic Lubrication System

Through the connection with the host computer control system, the lubrication system can monitor the oil level in the tank and the pressure of the lubricating oil, set the lubrication period, and keep the lubrication of rail and gear rack to ensure the cutting precision.

Taiwan Linear Guide HIWIN PMI

Linear Guide

Low noise, smooth movement, can withstand the load of various directions, with strong rigidity and high precision.

Taiwan YYC Gear Rack

Gear Rack

With heavy load, high precision, high rigidity characteristics.

Pre-sale Service

Free Sample Processing:

We provide free sampling services, please communicate with our engineers or sales staff for the sample and related requirements, we will arrange the test as soon as possible and inform the customer.

Design Solutions:

According to the customer’s request for samples or machines, to provide the one-stop solution.

After-sale Service

Installation and Commissioning:

  1. We will provide Chinese and English manuals and video tutorials, you can communicate with our local agent regarding technical problems, or directly write the email to us. We have detailed video guidance to ensure that the customer’s problems can be solved at the first time.
  2. Customers can also go to our factory for face-to-face learning, we have many equipment and personnel to provide more systematic and comprehensive training, the general recommended training time is 3 to 7 days.
  3. For foreign customers, our engineers can also provide door-to-door installation training services. This service requires customers to provide visas, air tickets, and local accommodation costs, the wages of engineers during the warranty period will be covered by us, otherwise, the wages will be borne by the customer. The training cycle is around 7-15 days, the time can be extended with further communication.

Laser Power Selection

Generator modelUnit500W700W1000W2000W3000W
Nominal powerkW0.50.7123
Power requirementkW467812
Cutting capacity
Carbon steelmm68101620
Stainless steelmm2.534810
Aluminum Alloysmm22.5368

Technical Specifications

Max Cutting Size(mm)3000×15004000×15004000×2000
Max Height of The Workpiece(mm)909090
Effective TravelX Axis (mm)305040504050
Y Axis (mm)155015502050
Z Axis (mm)100100100
Positional AccuracyX Axis (mm)±0.04±0.05±0.05
Y Axis (mm)±0.04±0.05±0.05
Z Axis (mm)±0.01±0.01±0.01
Repeated Positioning AccuracyX Axis (mm)±0.03±0.03±0.03
Y Axis (mm)±0.03±0.03±0.03
Z Axis (mm)±0.005±0.005±0.005
Rapid Positioning SpeedX Axis (m/min)808080
Y Axis (m/min)808080
Z Axis (m/min)303030
Accelerated Speed(G)1-2
The Laser Power(W)500/700/1000/1500/2000W
Power Consumption of The Machine Tool(Kwh)4.854.856.3
Level of ProtectionIP54
Total Weight(T)4.355.456.25
Dimension L×W×H(mm)4191×2520×13265390×2520×13265391×3105×1326

Artizono Cutting Sample

Fiber Laser Cutting Sample

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You may be concerned about following questions

A: can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy, copper, aluminum, galvanized sheet metal, not suitable for cutting acrylic, leather, wood and other non-metallic materials.

A: find out your company’s scope of production, processing materials and how much thickness of cutting, etc., to determine the demand for the laser power. The following table lists the thickness that the fiber laser cutting machine can cut:

Max Cutting Thickness of Fiber Laser Cutter (mm)
Laser Power (W)Stainless SteelMild SteelGalvanized SheetAluminumCopper

If the cut the plate within 3mm, you can choose 1000w.

Let’s take stainless steel as example, choose 500W laser cutter for 1mm stainless steel, the maximum speed is about 8 meters per minute, while the use of 1000W, the maximum speed can reach 17 meters per minute ; If using 500W laser cutter for 3mm stainless steel, the maximum speed is only about 0.4 meters per minute, while the use of 1000W laser cutting machine can reach around 1.4 meters per minute, so consideration of the processing efficiency, the choice of 1000w laser is more appropriate.

If cutting 6mm 10mm 12mm carbon steel, we recommend choosing 1500w or 2000w.

A: We use the imported IPG laser generator; if you want to choose cost-effective one, we also provide China domestic brand for you – Raycus laser generator.

A: China domestic laser generator: cost-effective, relatively cheap price; now less than 1000W laser cutter have the same cutting effect compare with imported laser generator. At the same time, after-sales service and later maintenance costs are relatively low (shortcomings: a little higher failure rate, the attenuation of the light source is fast).

A: We will recommend you the cutting head with appreciate focal length according to your products. For example, if the plate thickness of your fabricated products within 5mm, we recommend the cutting head with 120mm focal length; if your processed products is 8-10mm thick plate, we recommend using cutting head with 200mm focal length.

A: yes, it’s needed, because during the full load operation of all the factory’s machinery and equipment, , the current has high volatility, will have a certain impact on the laser generator, and the laser generator is the core components of laser equipment, so we recommend the installation of the regulator, you can check our technical parameters to find out what type of regulator is required.

A: You can use oxygen, air, nitrogen, total three kinds of gas for cutting. We generally recommend customers use nitrogen to cut stainless steel, galvanized sheet, copper and aluminum, and use oxygen to cut carbon steel. If the cutting surface requirements are not too high, can also use the air to cutting for the plate within 3mm thickness, it is more economical. For the specific details of the gas choosing, cutting speed, please check it above.