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Flywheel Press

Adopt the rigid rotating key positive clutch, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance; adopt the helical gear drive, stable operation and small impact; redesigned structure with high rigidity; adopt rolling bearing drive (small gear noise); adopt pneumatic double balance cylinder structure with small fluctuation of the balance force.

  • Punch force: 10-160T

  • Slider stroke: 50-130mm

  • Throat depth: 130-600mm

Mechanical Press

JB23 Series Flywheel Press

The JB23 series of mechanical tilting machines produced by our company conforming to national standards range from 6.3T to 125T. The variety and model are complete, and can provide users with combined supporting services.

The tilting press can be widely used in various cold stamping processes such as blanking, punching, shallow drawing, forming and bending. It is currently the most widely used and popularized forging machine tool.

The non-standard special-purpose punch press produced by our company is developed according to the characteristics of the industry and the different needs of users. The punch press is developed by ourselves by adopting foreign advanced technology. The machine are unique, adaptable and targeted.

The punch body is made of high-strength cast iron.

The single-plate pneumatic block friction clutch and brake provide smooth joint and less wear, and the service life is much longer than that of similar products.

The slider has a collapse-type safety device. When the machine is overloaded, the fuse is first collapsed, thus ensuring that the whole machine is not damaged.

The punch is taking the crank connecting rod as the working mechanism .

The body of the press can be tilted at 25°.

Features of JB23 series tilting punch:

  • High processing precision and stable processing quality.
  • Multi-coordinate linkage can be performed, and parts with complicated shapes can be processed for shear forming.
  • When the machined parts are changed, generally only the NC program needs to be changed, which saves production preparation time.
  • JB23 tilting machine itself has high precision and rigidity, and can choose favorable processing amount and in high productivity.
  • The automation of the press is high and the labor intensity can be reduced.
  • The requirements for the quality of the operators are higher, and the technical requirements for the maintenance personnel are higher.

Deep Throat Mechanical Press

JS21 Series Deep Throat Flywheel Press

The deep throat punching machine drives the flywheel by the motor with the crank linkage mechanism, the flywheel drives the large gear through the shaft and the pinion gear, the large gear drives the crankshaft through the clutch, and the crankshaft drives the connecting rod to make the slider work. The number of strokes per minute of the slider and the motion curve of the slider are fixed.

Deep throat punching machine is also called deep neck punching or deep sea mouth punching machine. It refers to the distance from the center of the die hole of the punch to the back wall plate. The throat depth is in 300mm, 500mm, 800mm and 1250mm, which should be customized according to actual production needs.

Deep throat punching is a kind of punching machine, generally used in sheet metal punching. For example, the blind window opened in the middle of the large electrical box or electrical cabinet, the cat’s eye opened in the middle of the security door.

Because the distance between the hole and the edge of the plate is usually more than 300mm or more, the throat depth of the ordinary punch is only about 180-230mm. After the plate is put into the punching machine, the wall plate is pressed against the sheet, which needs to be realized by deep throat punching.

Deep throat punching machines are widely used in aircraft, luxury bus and high-speed EMU silencer and heat sink punching, hole punch of the blind window on electric box and electrical cabinets, security door locks, cat eye, fresh cabinet heat emission.

Features of JS21 series deep throat punch:

  • C-type open body, easy to install mold and process large size materials.
  • Divided into two types: cast steel body, plate welding body.
  • The crankshaft is placed horizontally for easy maintenance.
  • Rigid clutch with simple structure.
  • Collapsed fuse can make the whole machine without damage during overloading.
  • Belt brake, easy to adjust.
  • Larger throat depth, suitable for cold processing of large size plates.
  • Simple structure, good versatility, convenient maintenance and operation.
  • Deep throat punching price is reasonable, is an economical press.

Punch Press Feeding Table

Max. Sheet Size: 2500*1250
Max. Sheet Thickness: 10MM
Axis: 2

Punch Press Feeding Table Punch Press Feeding Table

 JB23 Series Mechanical Press

Specifications UnitJB23-12JB23-16JB23-25JB23-40JB23-63JB23-80JB23-100JB23-125JB23-160
Nominal PressureKN100160250400630800100012501600
Slider Strokemm506070100100115130130130
Slider Stroke Timesmm-114010070505045404035
Max Closed Heightmm200250290350380410420420420
Nominal Pressure Strokemm222. 54455610
Die Height Adjustmentmm404040606060606080
Distance from Slider Center to Machine Bodymm130180200250280280320320360
Bolster SizeF﹒Bmm230280330420450500600650650
Bolster Blanking Hole SizeF﹒Bmm135140165210225250300325325
Bolster Thicknessmm304045708090100110110
Slider Subface SizeF﹒Bmm100130170190220250280350340
Shank Hole SizeDia.mm303540505060607080
Columns Intervalmm170200230320350360400430330
Motor PowerKw1. 11. 52.245057.57.51115
Motor SpeedR/Min1440144014401440144014401440970970
Machine Max Inclined Angle°2020202020202000
Machine Outline SizeLengthmm7409001000140015001600180019002000

JS21 Series Deep Throat Mechanical Press

Nominal PressureKN1001602504006308001000
Nominal Strokemm34466810
Slider Strokemm506070100100115130
Slider Stroke Timesmm-11301307050504545
Max. Die Heightmm130200200300330380380
Closed Heigth Adjustment Valuemm40406060808080
Distance from Slider Center to Framemm420500500500600500500
Worktable Size
Worktable Blanking Hole Size
( F﹒B*L﹒R*Dia. )
Worktable Thicknessmm45505080809095
Slider Bottom Size
( F﹒B*L﹒R)
Die Shank Size
Uprights Distancemm145160240300320300300
Motor PowerKW1. 11. 52.2347.57.5
Motor Rotating SpeedR/Min42014201420142014401441440
Outline Dimension

 Punch Press Feeding Table

PUNCHING FORCE (KN)63-125063-125063-125063-125063-125063-1250
MAX SHEET SIZE (MM)1000*10002500*12503000*12503500*12504000*12505000*1250
ACCURACY (MM)+/- 0.1+/- 0.1+/- 0.1+/- 0.1+/- 0.1+/- 0.1
FEEDING SPEED (M/MIN)303030303030

Mechanical Press

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