Four-column Bending Press

Four-column Bending Press

Four-column bending press applies to φ40×2.0mm tubes, with max arc length 1000mm, and max arc height 300mm, especially fit for the pipe rolling with big bending span and multi-angle bending.

  • Max Tube O.D: φ40 x 2

  • Max Arc Length: 1000mm

  • Max Arc Height: 300mm

The tube bender’s principle is changing from wheel mold to press mold, which makes the driving more direct with refined structure.

The bending purpose is realized by press mold in the vertical direction which expands the space of pipe bending.

No clamping is needed during pipe bending process. The ejection structure is designed especially which make pipe putting and taking more convenient. Besides, the pipe bend forming time is short and production efficiency is high.

It’s mainly applied to various section steel fabrication for large bending spam or multi-angle bending.

The series of machines are the necessary complement to single-head pipe bender and dual-head pipe bender.


Max Tube O.D: φ40 x 2
Max Arc Length: 1000mm
Max Arc Height: 300mm

Max. Tube O.D. (mm)Φ40*2.0
Max. Arc Length1000mm
Max. Arc Height300mm
Working Pressure12Mpa
Motor Power5.5kw

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