Gantry Plasma Cutter

Gantry Plasma Cutter

Gantry plasma cutter is specially designed for those who need longer longitudinal cutting distance (customized). Generally the center distance of guide rail is 3-4 meters. The cutting head can be plasma cutting or flame cutting or both of them.

  • Center Distance of Guide Rail: 3-4m

  • Effective Cutting Width: 2.5-3.5m

  • Cutting Thickness: depend on the plasma power

Gantry Plasma Cutter

Guide Rail Distance3m 4m
Longitudinal Length of Guide Rail8m
Oxy Acetylene Torch1 pc
Plasma Torch1 pc
Moving Accuracy0.01mm/step
Driving Methodbiperipheral drive
Effective Cutting Width2.5m 3.5m
Effective Cutting Length7.0m (customized)
Oxy Acetylene Cutting Thickness5-200mm
Plasma Cutting Thicknessdepend on plasma power
Moving Speed0-5000mm/min
Stroke Automatic Adjustment0-200mm

Gantry Plasma Cutter Gantry Plasma Cutter Gantry Plasma Cutter

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