Gantry Horizontal V Groover Machine

Gantry V Groover

Convenient materials loading and unloading. Air cooling without environment pollution. 3+1 axis CNC servo control to realize fully automatic operation.
High pressure, reliable firmly tight force, low noise and small energy consumption. Adopt tin bronze helical gear made by #45 forging steel.
QH silent guide rail transmission, the movement speed can be adjusted. The worktable has self-healing function.  NC program design.

  • 3+1 axis CNC servo control

  • QH silent guide rail

  • self-healing worktable


Frame And Beam

Q345 Steel

The bed and beam of V grooving machine are all designed with the frame structure and the working table is made of 60mm low-alloy high-strength structural steel while the frame is made of Q345 steel, which make it not only rigid but also durable.

Gantry V Groover Frame And Beam
Gantry V Groover Body Frame