Heavy-duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter

Heavy-duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter

Heavy-duty oxy acetylene cutter is one of the most widely used plate cutting machine which can meet the needs of plasma cutting or flame cutting. Besides, it can be added a variety of auxiliary functions such as automatic ignition, automatic height adjustment, automatic hole piercing, powder spraying line, drilling, spray, cutting torch automatic positioning, etc.

  • Center Distance of Guide Rail: 4m

  • Cutting Torch: 2-9

  • Max Cutting Thickness: 200mm


Artizono Brief Introduction

With the rapid development, the cycle is constantly shortened, requirements on welding automation and quality is further improved. As cutting quality directly affects the welding quality and welding automation, in order to meet the soaring demands, our company specially researched and developed the plasma rotary chamfering tools mainly used for cutting fixed and V-shaped groove, and compensating cutting angle. The guiding ideology of the design: improving the degree of automation, reducing the labor intensity and improving the cutting efficiency under the premise of ensuring the level cutting quality.

Artizono Machine Frame

The beam is wide-body box welded structure with good rigidity, high strength, high reliability; no guiding surface is not finely polished by precise machine to ensure each moving body on the right position. Heavy-duty frame and the beam with sufficient strength can completely meet the acceleration ≥ 0.6m/s impact requirement.

Symmetry treatment of both-sides drive on two frame end with balancing gravity center to maintain dynamic balance effectively.

The CNC cutting machines manufactured by our company are of gantry structure. The most important parts of gantry frame is beam and end frame. The beam is equipped with transverse rail and precise gear. During actual cutting course, beam is served as the base platform of torch tackle to ensure the rigidity of beam in the terms of performance and without deformation. However, the beam is an integral welded structure. In each side parts, it is inevitable to forming many stresses, which will be gradually released out and cause beam deformation. If that happened, the foundation of ensuring the cutting precision will be torn down and the deviation is non-compensable, even lead to scrapped, so, the stress must completely relief out through overall annealing treatment, ensuring the beam and end frame no deformation forever.

All CNC cutting machine manufactured by our company will be carried out annealing treatment to relief the welding stress to prevent the structure deformation, we hope customer came to our company for a on-site visit.

Artizono Guiding Rail

The longitudinal guiding rail is made by 32KG high-strength rail steel, the top and side surfaces are through finely grinding treatment, transverse guiding rail is made by imported cold-drawn profiles, both the sides of guiding rail are equipped with precise gears.

Material: U71Mn

Strength: Not less than 700N/ mm²; weight per meter not less than 10T, tensile strength of rails itself not less than 883MPa and compressive strength not less than 1000T.

Processing Method: grinding through high-precision rail grinding machine

Rail production accuracy: parallelism between gear installation reference plane and the guide side plane is less than or equal to 0.02mm. size deviation of two sides of main rail is less than or equal to ±0.02mm, the verticality error between two sides of main rail and top plane is less than or equal to ±0.02mm

As for rail installment method, refers to the concrete foundation drawings or “I”-beams drawing provided for customers.

The longitudinal gears are made by high-precision machines.

Production accuracy of longitudinal gear: 7-grade

Unit length:1.0m

Pitch: CP6


Longitudinal racks are equipped with pitch racks. Since the distance between the revolutions of the CP gears is an integer, this greatly reduces the cumulative error of the machine, especially the one with longer rails.

Artizono Electromagnetic Central Air Distribution System

The installation of rail and gear rack clearance error main depend on the machining accuracy of one-single rail, our company’s rail machining accuracy to ensure all the flatness are 0.02mm, During connecting installation, we fix two ends of rail with steel wire, through adjusting the bottom plate to amend the rail error; the segmental rails are connected together through tight rod, so as to ensure the cooperation between the guide rails.

Both ends of the longitudinal rails have electrical limit switches, and a mechanical stopper with a rubber pad is provided to ensure that they are protected against collision in the event of electrical control failure.

When installing the machine rail, The height of the guide rail shall be lower than the height of the cutting table to ensure easy loading and cutting.

All gas path by the central valve system centralized control, equipped with the solenoid valve, control valve, continuous pulse automatic ignition, easy to achieve artificial intelligence control. Oxygen or gas can be fed from the left or right side of the central airway, through the appropriate diameter of the pipeline transmission, the central valve system using a solenoid valve to control the air flow and through the pressure regulator adjusting the flowing air pressure.

The pressure gauge and the control valve are installed above the central control panel, so that the operator adjusts and inspects the gas pressure in the best condition at the time of cutting. On the panel is equipped with a switch adjusting solenoid valve, which can be manually adjusted and automatically controlled by the CNC system control.

Artizono Features of CNC Flame Plasma Cutting Machine

Large gantry CNC flame plasma cutting machine, as large-scale gantry cutter, can cut any shape planeform parts, dynamic and static display graphics, intuitive and easy to learn, can be directly programmed on the machine or directly call in G-code program files converted from CAD files through accompanying software.

Large gantry CNC flame plasma cutting machine is a kind of high-efficiency, high accuracy, low labor intensity CNC cutting machine, widely use in various machinery fabrication industry to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc metal plate.

Gantry structure, cutting through flange or air plasma, with features of high degree of automation, operation and maintenance convenient, good reliability, the machine structure is compact, reasonable, fair price, is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • The beam bring in Swedish Issa, Japan Yuriko Koike square tube structure, the selected square tube through stress-relief and surface oxidation treatment to ensure high rigidity, strong corrosion resistance and working accuracy.
  • Cable chain connected with torch lifting body is towline type to ensure air-pipe and wire be in good protection condition.
  • Beam lifting body uses one main more sub movement method in horizontal direction, can be mounted with 6 lifters at most, namely 6 torches, and each lifter is equipped with one cutting torch and one lifting mechanism.
  • Both-sides driving in vertical direction, Panasonic servo
  • With high-accuracy gear in vertical and heavy-duty railway track (40# guide rail), operation reliable and accurate; fine-polished work surface ensures the machine working reliably and accurately.

Artizono Main Components List

No. Name Model/Specification Unit Quantity
1 CNC Controller Shanghai Fangling Set 1
2 Servo Drive, Motor Japan Panasonic Set 3
3 Planetary Reducer HUNPHREY Piece 3
4 Air Pipe Italy FITT Set 3
5 Transverse Moving Device Made by yourself Set 2
6 Lifting Motor Taiwan DEVOTER Piece 2
7 Bearing Sweden SKF Set 3
8 Electric Elements Schneider Set 1
9 Flame Cutting Torch Wuxi Longteng Set 1
10 Firing Device Wuxi Longteng Set 1
11 Mechanical Parts Made by yourself Set 1
12 Plasma Prepared by user Set 0
13 Anti-collision HEAVTH Set 1
14 Adjusting Arc-pressure HEAVTH HP201 Set 1
15 Rack Wuxi precision grinding 7 grade Set 23
16 Towing Chain High-standard industrial nylon towing chain Set 2
17 Rail 40# fine-polished heavy rail Meter 20
18 Transverse Rail Taiwan double shaft Meter 6

Artizono Technical Index

Content Reachable Index
Torch Lifting Stroke(mm) 200
Cutting Thickness (mm) Depending on plasma power
Installation Accuracy of Rail 1).Side straightness of main rail:0.4mm/4000mm
2).Side straightness auxiliary rail:0.4mm/4000mm
3).The parallelism between main rail and auxiliary rail:0.4mm/4000mm
Intersection Deviation A) Positioning accuracy and repeating accuracy
B) Cutting size accuracy, section quality: in line with JB / T10045.4-1999 standard
Diagonal Deviation
Repositioning Accuracy
Running Speed 0-12000mm/min
Cutting Speed Plasma 0-4000mm/min

Artizono Requirements on Working Environment

Working Humidity -5℃-50℃
Relative Humidity 90% no condensation
Surrounding Ventilation, no shock within 5 meters
Power Voltage 3×380v±10%(Plasma)
Power 50Hz
Input Power Machine tool 3KW
Earthing Model Focus direct type

Artizono CNC Controller

Shanghai Fangling controller

Shanghai Fangling Controller

Artizono Basic Parameters and Accessories:

  • Master MCU: Industrial ARM9 chip 15-inch industrial LCD monitor
  • Number of axes: 2-axis linkage (customizable 3-axis)
  • Maximum line number of programs : 150,000 lines
  • Maximum single program: 4M
  • File storage: electronic storage disk, 1G
  • User program space: 1G
  • Control accuracy: ± 0.001mm
  • Coordinate range: ± 99999.99mm
  • Maximum pulse frequency: 250KHz; Maximum operating speed: 12 m / min
  • Time resolution: 10ms
  • System power supply: DC + 24V DC power input
  • System working environment: temperature 0 ℃ to + 55 ℃; relative humidity 0-95% no condensation
  • External interface: USB
  • Keyboard: PCB film keyboard, PS / 2 interface, Omron button
  • Chassis: all metal structure completely shielded, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference, anti-static
  • Support for oxygen gas, plasma, dusting, demonstration

Artizono Controller Features:

  • Up to 45 commonly used graphics libraries
  • Graphics scale, rotation, mirroring
  • Graphics matrix, interleaved, repeated
  • According to the thickness of steel plate, at the corner can be automatically limit speed, effectively prevent over burning
  • Mm/inch
  • Graphic plate correction
  • Customizable coordinate system
  • Customizable IO
  • System and parameter backup, online upgrade
  • All Chinese / foreign language (English, Japanese, Russian, French, other custom language) Operation menu, Chinese and foreign language a key switch.
  • Selection number and selection lines
  • Supports edge cutting, offset cutting
  • With power off, breakpoint protection memory function
  • Dynamic / static machining Graphic display, graphics zoom in / out, dynamic tracking cutting point in magnified state
  • With power off, breakpoint protection memory function
  • Supports special packaging software such as Wentai, TYPEIII |, PM2000

Artizono Plasma Power (optional)

Chengdu Huayuan LGK-plasma

Chengdu Huayuan LGK plasma

Hypertherm Plasma Cutter

Hypertherm Plasma

Artizono Ignition Device: 1 set

Ignition device

The ignition device is equipped with a solenoid valve and a high-voltage package electrical component. The jacket is installed on the machine torch to adjust the distance between the cutting nozzle and the ignition device to generate the fire source. After the power is turned on, the high voltage bag will generate high voltage to make the fire source, then touch the fire at cut mouth and achieve ignition, the use of ignition device can make the operation more convenient, improve work efficiency, reduce the invalid burning time.

Artizono Standard Components:

  • Holder
  • High pressure bag
  • High voltage wire
  • Tempering device
  • Valve
  • The electromagnetic valve
  • The air intake assembly connects the copper fittings

Artizono Machine Torch: Model: GJ-300 (1 set)

Applicable to CNC flame cutting machine

Machine Torch

Artizono Structural features

  • The overall use of high-quality forging copper manufacturing
  • Using isobaric structure design
  • The use of silver welding, can effectively prevent leakage
  • The casing has an outer diameter of 30 mm and 32 mm
  • Casing length has five kinds of 180mm, 250mm, 300mm, 370mm, 450mm
  • The racks can be mounted in four different positions (90 ° apart from each location)
  • For the tapered surface of 30 ° equal pressure cut mouth

Type Casing Length Cutting Thickness Rack Length Applicable Acetylene Cutter Applicable Propane Cutter Inlet Thread
GJ 180 300 / G02#0#5 G03#0#5 M16*1.5
GJ 250 300 150/1 G02#0#6 G03#0#6 M16*1.5
GJ 300 300 210/1 G02#0#7 G03#0#7 M16*1.5
GJ 370 300 210/1 G02#0#8 G03#0#8 M16*1.5
GJ 45 300 310/1 G02#0#9 G03#0#9 M16*1.5

Artizono Servo Power

The machine uses the original Japanese Panasonic high-precision servo motor, the latest A5 series.

Japanese Panasonic high precision servo motor

  • Motor type: Panasonic Parasitic A5 series servo drive motor
  • Origin: Japan
  • Motor power: cooperating servo power
  • Motor features: fully enclosed, maintenance-free, large power,
  • Powerful force
  • Instantaneous acceleration and braking fast, low noise
  • Encoder resolution: 10000 lines

Artizono Servo Reducer: (Taiwan Humphrey)

Servo Reducer Taiwan Humphrey

Artizono Performance parameters

Reduction ratio: input speed ratio on the output speed.

Series: Number of planetary gears. As a set of planetary gears can not meet the larger transmission ratio, sometimes need two sets or three sets to meet the user requirements for larger transmission ratio. As the number of planetary gears is increased, the length of the two or three deceleration stages will increase and the efficiency will decrease.

Full load efficiency: refers to the maximum load conditions (failure to stop the output torque), reducer transmission efficiency.

Average life: refers to the reducer in the rated load, the continuous working hours at maximum speed.

Rated torque: a standard for the reducer. At this value, the life of the gear unit is the average life when the output speed is 100 rpm. Beyond this value, the average life of the reducer will be reduced. When the output torque exceeds twice the value, the gearbox is faulty.

Lubrication method: no lubrication. The reducer is fully sealed, so there is no need to add grease for the whole period of use.

Noise: The unit is in decibels (dB). This value is measured when the input speed is 3000 rpm, without load, one meter distance from the reducer.

Return stroke gap: the output is fixed, the input clockwise and counterclockwise rotation, the output torque generated by the rated torque + -2% torque, the reducer input has a small angular displacement, the angular displacement is the return gap. Unit is “points”, that is, one of the sixty. The usual return stroke gap value refers to the output end of the reducer.

Artizono Adjusting Arc Voltage (HP201)

Adjusting Arc Voltage HP201

  • Arc voltage height controller for desktop or gantry CNC plasma cutting machines
  • Plasma arc voltage height controller uses some plasma power supply with constant current characteristics, in the cutting process, the cutting current is always equal to the set current, and cutting arc voltage changes with the height of the torch and plate at a fixed speed, when the height of the torch and the plate increases, the arc voltage rises; when the height of the torch and the steel plate decreases, the arc voltage drops. Arc pressure height controller is to detect the arc voltage changes, by controlling the torch of the lifting motor to control the distance between the torch and the plate, the arc voltage remains unchanged, the torch height also remains unchanged.
  • For some imported plasma and domestic plasma, in its instructions lists the cutting parameter table, users simply refer to the parameter table, according to the selected current, set the corresponding voltage on arc voltage controller, at the specified speed that Can keep the torch height constant. During the actual operation, the user should set the arc voltage according to the actual situation of the torch height. In the normal state of automatic increase, the higher the arc voltage setting, the torch control height also increased, vice versa.
  • Operating voltage: AC24V + 5%, 50Hz / 60Hz, a separate AC 24V power supply, do not share with the solenoid valve.
  • Lifting motor: DC24V DC motor
  • Drive mode: PWM (pulse width modulation mode)
  • Output current: 1A-4A
  • Output power: 100W
  • Working temperature: adjustor -10 ∽ 60℃
  • Initial positioning mode: switch-type initial positioning and protective cap contact initial positioning
  • Running transmission mode: any one type of starting to complete the transmission and perforation to complete the transmission
  • Partial pressure ratio: 100: 1
  • Accuracy: ± 1V ∽ ± 5V

Artizono Machine Mechanical Structure

Flame Plasma Cutter Drawing

Oxy Fuel Plasma Cutter Drawing

  • The beam adopts the ESA pipe structure of Sweden, and the selection of the square pipe material is subjected to stress treatment and surface oxidation treatment to ensure high rigidity, strong corrosion resistance and ensure the running precision.
  • Torch lift connection cable connection, the use of towline, to ensure that the trachea, wires and other good protection
  • The lateral movement of the beam lifting body adopts one main and more moving way. Up to two lifting bodies, namely two torches, can be installed. Each lifting body is equipped with lifting and cutting mechanism of torch and torch
  • vertical use of bilateral drive
  • Longitudinal configuration Equipped with a high-precision rack dedicated T-track, the operation of the smooth and accurate. The working end of the grinding process to ensure that the machine running a smooth and accurate.

Artizono Nesting Software

Startcam cnc cut and fastcam

For CNC cutting machine, including flame, plasma, laser and waterjet and other CNC cutting machine, for any shape parts of the drawing, programming, nesting, calibration and CNC cutting.

Standard software for the Australian FASTCAM (Standard Edition) software for automatic nesting and co-edge, you need to choose SMARTNEST (expert version) or FASTCAM (expert version)

CAD graphics or computer graphics can be converted to cutting parts with the G code, the G code file into the USB, input to the cutting machine, the system automatically converts the G code to the cutting process.

This product is equipped with USB interface, convenient program transmission. Set the seam compensation value in the nesting software.

Programming software ZZ-TL (optional FASTCAM) AutoCAD-based automatic programming and nesting system. ZZ-TL is designed for a variety of CNC cutting machine with the cutting software, the software can help users to easily achieve a variety of complex parts of the drawing, programming, nesting, not only easy to use, but also bring a clear Economic benefits.

① drawing method: the use of AutoCAD’s powerful drawing function parts drawing and nesting, and through the DXF, DWG file data processing, automatically generate the required cutting code.

② cutting method can be used to calculate the actual cutting trajectory of the flame center point; can cut the path and direction of the cutting. You can set the cutting path and the direction of the cutting center.

③ nesting means: AutoCAD can be based on the random drawing of parts, rotation, copy, mirror, zoom, array and other operations. Can be partially enlarged by window technology.

④ screen simulation: the actual cutting process can be simulated on the screen processing track, simulation cutting process, and can be any zoom, move.

Intelligent nesting software support AutoCAD R12, R13, R14, A4, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007 and other versions.

Guide Rail Distance 4m
Longitudinal Length of Guide Rail 12m
Torch 2-9 pcs
Moving Accuracy 0.01mm/step
Driving Method biperipheral drive
Effective Cutting Length 12m (customized)
Oxy Acetylene Cutting Thickness 5-200mm
Plasma Cutting Thickness depend on plasma power
Moving Speed 0-10m/min
Stroke Automatic Adjustment electromotion/arc voltage
Accuracy ±0.3mm

Heavy-duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter Heavy-duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter Heavy-duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter

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