Machine frame using the overall processing by floor-type boring- milling machine

  • Overall welding fabrication of workbench vertical plate and machine body guarantees the flatness of the workbench and seamless connection of workbench and bilateral vertical plates.
  • Integrated fabrication of fixed seat and hole guarantees the two oil cylinders in the same level, Y-axis always keep on the same plane when bending, ensure the bilateral cutting angles is identical.
  • Curve machining workbench by finite-element analysis design prevents non-uniform force affecting the bending angle and linearity.

All parts and components fabrication

  • All the parts and components are manufactured by CNC lathes to guarantee the accuracy of each part.
  • All the parts are manufactured in CNC machining center to guarantee the accuracy of each component.

E21 Controller

  • Integral welding front workbench and machine body guarantee that there is no seam between the front workbench vertical plate and bilateral vertical plates.
  • Adopting E21 controller cantilever device, referring to man-machine engineering design, easy operational CNC system interface, improving the operation accuracy and comfortability.
  • Bilateral fences ensure operator’s safety.

France Schneider electrics

  • Stable France Schneider electrics, Taiwan DELTA frequency converter to prevent X-axis swinging when positioning.
  • Electric cabinet with the function of opening door to cut off the power.

Siemens motor

  • Using Siemens motor guarantees the machine service life, and reduce the noise when working.
  • Using USA Sunny oil pump guarantees the oil service life and reduce the noise when working.
  • The oil tank is equipped with an oil gauge.


  • High precise backgauge is equipped with fine ball screw and polished rod.
  • Backgauge adopts horizontal installation shell structure with high stability, single shell double guide rail, high precision, X-axis drive, automatic CNC system.
  • Standard configuration backgauge is on X-axis, manually adjust R-axis, stop finger can move around along the double track.

Pedal switch

  • South Korea CAKON pedal switch, enhancing the service life and operational sensitivity


  • X-axis adopting high-performance electric drive, guaranteeing positioning accuracy, unique synchronous transmission mechanism design, stable and reliable.
  • Y-axis adopting high-performance electric motor, guaranteeing positioning accuracy.

Hydraulic System

  • USA PARKER / Japanese NOK sealing ring, improving the service life of oil cylinder and long-term use without leakage.
  • Germany Bosch Rexroth integrated hydraulic valve block, hydraulic transmission with high reliability, the integrated hydraulic system can effectively alleviate problems caused by leakage of hydraulic fluid.
  • Using Germany EMB casing tube and connectors reduces the odds against welding slag jamming the valves and affect oil flowing.

Punch and Die

  • Standard multi-V lower dies, varying the V-groove shape and outline size are available, convenient for exchanging dies, capable of bending regular plates, with high-cost performance.
  • Double-sides T shaped channel workbench convenient for installation of segmented dies.
  • The workbench is a kind of movable workbench finely grinded by the precise milling machine, guaranteeing the workbench flatness.
  • The upper die is a kind of mechanical hook-type clampings, higher safety when exchanging dies.
  • Press brake toolings are made from 42CrMo materials with hardness up to 42 degrees to ensuring the die service life.

Front Support

  • Front supportor with features of simple structure, powerful functions,can be adjusted up and down, or moved alonge the workbench in rightwards and leftwards.

Back guard and safety

  • Back guard of press brake protects worker’s safety.
  • The linearity of the workbench can be adjusted through the screw.
  • Schneider rear emergency shutdown switch and stroke switch.


Mechanical fast clamps

  • Optional mechanical fast clamps, reducing die-exchanging time.

Hydraulic crowning

  • Optional hydraulic compensation, improving the precision of bending angle and linearity.

Mechanical crowning

  • Optional mechanical compensation, improving the precision of bending angle and linearity

Electric mechanical crowning

  • Optional electric mechanical compensation, improving the precision of bending angle and linearity

Laser protection

  • Optional Italy DSP laser protection, protecting the worker’s fingers

Front photoelectricity protection

  • Optional Shandong LNTECH front photoelectricity protection, protecting the worker’s fingers

Back photoelectricity protection

  • Optional Shandong LNTECH back photoelectricity protection, protecting the worker’s fingers

Die tray

  • Optional die tray

Double-V workbench

  • Option double-V workbench

Segmented die

  • Press Brake segmented die or others are available for your choice