Manual Folding Machine

Manual Folding Machine

It’s suitable for duct manufacturing on the mobile sites or forming thin iron metals. It’s fast, energy-saving and cost-effective.

  • Max. Sheet Thickness: 1.5mm

  • Folding Angle: 60°

  • Weight:400-600kg

Manual Duct Folder

1. One of the equipments in modern sheet metal processing, which is specialized in sheet bending.
2. Light weight, simple operation, easy to carry, can be used in any environment.
3. The length can be customized.

Model Folding Angle Weight(kg) Dimensions L*W*H(mm)
WS-1.5X1300 60° 400 1950*650*1500
WS-1.5X1500 60° 440 2150*650*1500
WS-1.5X2000 60° 500 2650*650*1500
WS-1.5X2500 60° 600 3150*650*1500
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