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CNC Tube Bender​


Max Tube O.D: φ100
Max Bending Radius: 420mm
Max Bending Thickness: 8mm

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Features & Technical Spec.

CNC servo tube bending machine with the multi-layer die, using servo feeding plus linear guide and the ball screw, coupled with the pneumatic clamping device, can meet the stringent requirements of the tube bending.

It featured fast pipe bending speed, high precision, powerful, using three-dimensional simulation software, effectively avoid the interference in the pipe bending process, to achieve the high speed, high-precision, high production for three-dimensional pipe bending; Strong push, can achieve the smallest clamping length and the smallest bending radius, but also can complete the bending formation with any radians, which the multi-function with only one machine, small error.

It is widely used in aerospace, military, automotive manufacturing and other pipeline processing industry.