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Desktop plasma cutter adopt bi-side driving, high precision linear guide rail and gear rack drive, integrated desktop design. The effective cutting size can be customized according to customer requirements. Completely intelligent cutting process, automatically adjusts the cutting height and speed, automatically adjust the cutting airflow pressure and rate.

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Features & Technical Spec.

  • The use the world top-notch IGBT modules, fast recovery diodes, integrated circuits, relays, current, voltage regulator and other key components.
  • Branded products with high reliability
  • The use of soft tupe technology to improve the working conditions of the IGBT tube, greatly improving the reliability of IGBT
  • Environment temperature 40 ℃, 100% duty cycle, especially suitable for heavy industry under harsh environment, such as long-time, high current etc
  • Current Slow function reduces the impact of the arc and reduces the consumption of the torch fitting
  • Air pressure, water pressure sensor, the effective protection of the torch to prevent accidental damage to the torch
  • High standard design, high quality parts, fine manufacturing, to ensure machine cutting quality and reliability
  • Inverter control power supply: small size, light weight, can be installed on the CNC cutting machine beam; high efficiency, low energy consumption, greatly reduced the use cost
  • Machine type settings: starting arc signal, arc voltage signal, two-way air supply control, arc voltage output function. Especially suitable for CNC, robot cutting and fill the gap in Chinese market.
  • Easy to achieve parallel operation of two machines, the output current doubled to ensure the cutting of over-thick materials