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H Frame Double Crank Split Type Precision Press (YDE)


Punch force: 315-1600T
Slider stroke: 315-500mm
Max Die Height: 500-1000mm

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Features & Technical Spec.

  • Large parts and important parts are optimized by finite element analysis.
  • The body and slider are welded with steel plates, and are treated with aging.
  • The body is integral or divided into beams, columns, bases, split closed structure, split closed with four tensioning screws, the body has good rigidity and small deformation.
  • Adopt high-strength alloy steel gear, high-speed vice herringbone gear transmission, low-speed vice grinding hard tooth surface spur gear.
  • The eccentric shaft is adopted, and the accuracy of the track direction is high, and the accuracy is kept well.
  • The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation system, which expands the working range of the machine tool.
  • Imported or homemade dry pneumatic friction clutch.
  • Imported hydraulic overload protection, the components are responsive and reset quickly.
  • The closed height can be adjusted by maneuver, easy to use, strong self-locking, and easy to maintain.
  • PLC control, dual-loop electrical system.
  • According to user requirements, optional mobile workbench (forward move).
  • Optional air cushion (add adjustable stroke, self-locking and other functions) according to user requirements.
  • Motorized thin oil lubrication, fixed point, timing, safety and effort.
  • It can realize automatic interlocking and monitoring of the whole machine such as braking angle, oil pressure, lubrication failure, hydraulic overload protection, mobile worktable and so on.