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Heavy-Duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter


Heavy-duty oxy acetylene cutter is one of the most widely used plate cutting machine which can meet the needs of plasma cutting or flame cutting. Besides, it can be added a variety of auxiliary functions such as automatic ignition, automatic height adjustment, automatic hole piercing, powder spraying line, drilling, spray, cutting torch automatic positioning, etc.

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Features & Technical Spec.

Large gantry CNC flame plasma cutting machine, as large-scale gantry cutter, can cut any shape planeform parts, dynamic and static display graphics, intuitive and easy to learn, can be directly programmed on the machine or directly call in G-code program files converted from CAD files through accompanying software.

Large gantry CNC flame plasma cutting machine is a kind of high-efficiency, high accuracy, low labor intensity CNC cutting machine, widely use in various machinery fabrication industry to cut carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum etc metal plate.

Gantry structure, cutting through flange or air plasma, with features of high degree of automation, operation and maintenance convenient, good reliability, the machine structure is compact, reasonable, fair price, is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

  • The beam bring in Swedish Issa, Japan Yuriko Koike square tube structure, the selected square tube through stress-relief and surface oxidation treatment to ensure high rigidity, strong corrosion resistance and working accuracy.
  • Cable chain connected with torch lifting body is towline type to ensure air-pipe and wire be in good protection condition.
  • Beam lifting body uses one main more sub movement method in horizontal direction, can be mounted with 6 lifters at most, namely 6 torches, and each lifter is equipped with one cutting torch and one lifting mechanism.
  • Both-sides driving in vertical direction, Panasonic servo
  • With high-accuracy gear in vertical and heavy-duty railway track (40# guide rail), operation reliable and accurate; fine-polished work surface ensures the machine working reliably and accurately.