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Manual 3D Tube Bender


Max Tube O.D: φ89
Max Bending Radius: 400mm
Max Bending Thickness: 6mm

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Features & Technical Spec.

Economical three-dimensional CNC high-precision pipe bending machine, applicable to automobile bumper, industrial boilers, air-conditioning tubes, radiators and other pipeline processing.

  • PLC control manual three-dimensional pipe bender
  • X, Y, Z three coordinate input or Y, B, C work value input
  • Feeding: Manual Feeding
  • Turning angle: Servo rotating tube
  • Bending mode: Hydraulic bending
  • Touchscreen Control
  • With manual, semi-automatic function and automatic counting function of pipe fittings
  • Has the password protection function, prevents the outsider to change and starts the machine privately