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Applicable to metal structure factory, shipyards, boiler plant, electrical manufacturing, locomotive, lifting transportation machinery and other general, metallurgical mine factory and other auxiliary workshops with the segmentation of plates, general requirements, material after cutting, not subject to other processing can be used directly.

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Features & Technical Spec.

The mechanical shearing machine adopts the anti-key type clutch structure and open gear transmission, and adopts advanced electrics (foot switch, manual switch) to operate, and the noise is small and easy to operate and maintenance.

It adopts all-steel welded structure, with simple operation, beautiful appearance and low energy consumption.

Mechanical shearing machine adopts upward transmission system, easy to operate and with stable performance.

The body of the machine is also equipped with a stopper mechanism, which adjusts the width of the sheared material within a limited range. When cutting a large number of sheets of the same width, it can greatly improve labor productivity.

Widely used in metallurgy, light industry, machinery, hardware, motor, electrical, automotive repair, hardware manufacturing and other metal sheet processing industries.

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