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Oxy-fuel Cutter

Flame cutting machine can cut very thick carbon steel, it can cut a wide range of 6mm-200mm thick steel plate; at the same time it is relatively low price, the initial investment cost is also low.

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Oxy-fuel Cutter

When cutting thick carbon steel, the flame-cutting machine is still the dominant choice, as it has the lowest machine costs as well as the lowest operating costs.

Heavy-duty Gantry Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine

Heavy-duty oxy acetylene cutter is one of the most widely used plate cutting machine which can meet the needs of plasma cutting or flame cutting. Besides, it can be added a variety of auxiliary functions such as automatic ignition, automatic height adjustment, automatic hole piercing, powder spraying line, drilling, spray, cutting torch automatic positioning, etc.

Heavy-duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter
Heavy-duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter

Light-duty Gantry Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine

Light-duty oxy acetylene cutter, which drive on both sides, is the intermediate product of the cantilever CNC cutting machine and large gantry CNC cutting machine. Multiple torch can be equipped based on requirements.

Light-duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter
Light-duty Oxy Acetylene Cutter

Portable Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine

The cutting process design of the portable oxy acetylene(flame) cutting machine is simple, with the line automatic optimization processing function. Simple and direct programming style allows it to operate without complex training. It can be moved to any places for convenient use.

Portable Oxy Acetylene Cutter
Portable Oxy Acetylene Cutter

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