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The speed of 0.3 seconds per bend allows you to increase your efficiency by several times, greatly reducing labor costs and truly saving time, effort and worry.

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Features & Technical Spec.

After 5 years of dedicated research and development, we finally bring the panel bender with real 9-axis concurrent linkage into the market, the system supports up to 16-axis concurrent linkage.

The first generation of our panel bender has experienced more than two years of actual operation test by customers. In 2018 we applied for quote a number of core patents, the second generation of panel bender was developed in 2019 and achieve mass production and sales.

The whole machine is designed and produced according to the standard of high precision machine tools, and the main bed is made of high standard castings, both castings and welded parts are treated with strict stress-relieving technology, and the high precision machine tools are processed in one piece, and finally the high precision testing instrument is used to ensure the long-term running precision, stability and high rigidity of the machine.

Panel Bender Bending Sample