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Portable Plasma Cutting Machine​


The portable plasma cutting machine can cut any complex plane figure like the gantry heavy-duty nc cutter. It is as convenient and flexible as a semi-automatic cutting machine. It can be moved at will and no fixed site is required.

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Features & Technical Spec.

The numerical control function of the portable CNC cutting machine is the same as the gantry type large-scale CNC cutting machine. It can cut any complex plane graphics and is suitable for oxygen gas flame cutting and plasma cutting.

It is as convenient and flexible as the semi-automatic cutting machine, and it can be moved freely without occupying a fixed space.

◆ Small size and anti-interference: The equipment adopts Shanghai Jiaotong University professional industrial computer control system, which has compact and reasonable structural design to make it light weight, small size and easy to move. Suitable for indoor and outdoor, especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, can improve production efficiency and material utilization, and reduce production costs.

◆ Simple programming nesting: It can be used for manual programming of simple graphics, or automatic nesting programming of arbitrary complex graphics through the programming software FastCAM.

The software adopts interactive dialogue mode, automatic conversion of graphic data, no need to manually write code, save the parts drawing drawn by AutoCAD directly, select appropriate programming parameters and directly generate code files required for cutting. .

◆ File transfer storage is convenient and flexible: USB and R232 interfaces are supported. Users can output the required cut files to the USB flash drive and then insert them into the micro-cutting machine USB interface to transfer files (also can be connected to the handheld computer to transfer program files).

User program space 500M, can store 10,000 program files, and can easily realize the editing, transmission of the program.

◆ Simple and convenient operation: It can be cut manually like a semi-automatic one during operation, or it can be cut automatically like a large CNC cutting machine. Dynamic/static graphic processing display: 7-inch high-resolution LCD color display, Chinese/English menu, dynamic and static processing graphic display, intuitive and easy to learn.