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Tube Bender

For pipe bending, a pipe bender is a must-have choice.

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Tube Bender

Our tube benders including manual pipe bender, hydraulic pipe bender and CNC pipe bender, which is able to bend steel tube with diameters from φ18mm to φ133mm, for stainless steel tube, the max bending diameter can reach φ125mm.

NC Tube Bender

Our NC tube benders include single-headed, double-headed, and manual 3D models, making them a very economical option.

Single-head Hydraulic Tube Bender
Single-head Hydraulic Tube Bender
Double-head Hydraulic Tube Bender
Double-head Hydraulic Tube Bender
Manual 3D Tube Bender

CNC Tube Bender

CNC pipe benders are highly automated and are the perfect choice for those companies seeking efficiency.

CNC Tube Bender​

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Many thanks to the Artizono team for working with us on this effort. The machine arrived and looks very nice. Hope to do more business in the future.


Good quality. The machine met expectation. On-time. No complaints and I’ll choose to purchase the machine from you again!


It’s been a pleasure working with Artizono. Working with Shane has been great. He is very responsive and easy to work with. I’ve been very pleased with Artizono’s pricing, delivery and most of all, the quality of the machine.


Working with Brian and Joe at Artizono has been rewarding. Both are very eager to please. I appreciate how they’re handling my projects. Your prices are competitive and the quality is very good too. I look forward to building a long relationship with Artizono.