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The tube laser fiber cutting machine is a professional tube cutting fiber laser machine, suitable for all kinds of the stainless tubes, round tubes, square tubes and oval tubes.

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Features & Technical Spec.

It can cut round, square, irregularity, rectangle metal tube, the machine can support minimum metal tube outer diameter 20x20mm, maximum outer diameter 200x200m, the fiber laser cutting machine laser source support IPG, Raycus and N-LIGHT, cutting head support Precitec and RayTools, the software used Chinese best brand which is Cypcut, laser power from 500 watts to 8000 watts.

Our tube automatic fiber laser cutting machine, the overall quality of the national standard steel pipe welding bed, stability, good earthquake resistance, high cutting quality.

The machine bed is made of high quality national standard steel pipe, welded steel plate. After carefully polishing, polishing processing, rust prevention, corrosion prevention and a series of professional pretreatment, fine welding in the professional flexible welding platform. The welding process can effectively control the adverse effects of conventional welding and the advantages of the platform can strictly ensure the dimensional tolerance and line tolerance of welding.

After the completion of welding, in the large five-axis Longmen CNC machining center precision machining, a molding. The processing errors and accumulative errors caused by subsection and subarea processing are avoided. Strict and efficient guarantee the precision of the products.