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Vertical V Grooving Machine​


The worktable hardness > HRC55
3 axis CNC servo control
NC program design

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Features & Technical Spec.

  • The frame is welded with steel plate, and the internal stress is eliminated by tempering to prevent the body from deforming.
  • Vertical V grooving machine adopts rear feeding structure, fixed beams, the replaceable worktable, the problem of bed surface deformation is completely been solved. The flatness of the bed is in the range of ±0.03mm, which ensured the depth precision of the grooving quality.
  • High precision rear feed is driven by servo motor, high-speed ball screw and linear guide.
  • The tool holder adopts high precision ball screw and servo motor drive to achieve high speed and high precision.
  • Hydraulic clamping and hydraulic independent pressing plate are adopted to ensure the pressed metal plate is firm.
  • The working table is made of carbon tool steel. After high-frequency quenching, the hardness reaches HRC55-60, which is higher than that of stainless steel plate. The problem of groove mark due to low hardness of worktable caused by long working time has been solved thoroughly.
  • High quality solenoid valves are used to ensure control accuracy and flexibility.
  • The first level drive of the motor adopts triangle belt due to the stretch of the triangle belt reduces the impact of sudden stop and emergency return, ensures the flexible operation of the equipment, and extends the service life of the V grooving machine.
  • Equipped with special NC system, closed-loop servo system to ensure accurate positioning.
  • Simple parameter setting, large user’s process storage, real-time graph display.
  • Automatic execution procedure, automatic alarm diagnosis system.
  • High-quality couplings not only connect two shafts, transfer motion and torque, but are also used as safety devices to prevent machine overload.
  • Micro cooling system will extend blade life and reduce production cost.
  • The moving speed, accuracy and stability can be ensured with the servo motor.

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