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W11S Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine


Bending Thickness: 50-160mm
Pre-bending Thickness: 40-130mm
Bending Width: 3000-4000mm

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Features & Technical Spec.

This universal plate rolling machine is special equipment to roll the plate into curve, cylinder, conical in the principle of the three-point circle under normal temperature. With following actions:

  • Top roller move by vertical.
    – Power: hydraulic.
    – Function: put pressure on the plate to make the plate deformation.
  • Top roller move by horizontal.
    – Power: electromotor.
    – Function: adjust the horizontal distance between the top and bottom roller to make the top and bottom roller position in asymmetrical to realize the pre-bend of sheet edge and decrease the length of the flat zone.
  • The bottom roller rotates.
    – Power: electromotor.
    – Function: supply the torque for the bending plate.
  • Opening device drops down and reset.
    – Power: hydraulic.
    – Function: take out the finished workpiece.
  • The upper roller is designed as a drum shape. Support roller installed on the downside of the bottom roller to help to bend a perfect cylinder from thin to thick plate;
  • Special bending craft, high precision edge pre-bending, digital control for the bending process;
  • Able to bend O, U, multi-section R shape etc;
  • Cone bending device for conical bend easily;
  • The whole chassis, simple ground foundation, it’s convenient to move at the workplace;
  • Optional economic digital display type or TNC digital control type according to the application or requirement of the customer;
  • CE Certified.