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W12 Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine With 4 Rolls


Bending Thickness: 4-60mm
Pre-bending Thickness: 3.5-48mm
Roller’s Working Length: 2050-3100mm

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Features & Technical Spec.

It belongs to four roller plate rolling machine, which widely used for the pre-bending and tube rolling in the industry of pressure vessels, machinery, hydropower, construction etc. Meanwhile, this 4 rolls rolling machine also have a function of roundness correction and leveling.

The top roller is driven by hydraulic motor. Through the friction between the metal plate and the top roller to drive the bottom roller and side roller rotate. which supply the torque for bending plate. The bottom roller, side roller and drop end are all driven by hydraulic pressure. The bottom roller moves up and down, the side roller moves along with an arc. The bottom roller rising to clamp the plate and the side roller title up to pre-bend the end of the plate.

  • Easy to operate, various rolling method;
  • CNC control, digital readout for roller’s position. High accuracy and good circle shape;
  • Full hydraulic drive, high efficiency and energy saving. The drive power is only 60% of traditional roller machine;
  • Form into circle at one time while the productivity is 50-80% higher than three rollers bending machine;
  • Aligning the material is convenient and accurate, avoid the wrong side phenomenon;
  • Equipped with cone bending device for the purpose of cone rolling;
  • Permanent lubrication (no need refueling during bearing life);
  • The top and bottom roller clamp the plate during rolling without slipping;
  • The minimum bending diameter of the cylinder can reach 1.1 times the diameter of the top roller. The surplus flat edge is smaller than any other type of plate rolling machine;
  • The carrying device, feeding device and support device can be installed easily;
  • CE certified.