For Medium-size Duct Fabrication Factory (Line 3 Solution).

The production capacity per shift is around 500-1000 square meters. The auto duct line 3 needs to be equipped with pittsburgh lockformer machine, flange forming machine and pneumatic folding machine to complete the L/口 type air duct processing.
Compared with the auto duct line 2, the auto duct line 3 can make the 7mm flange when processing the TDF flange duct. The angle steel flange can be directly folded out to the L/口 type air duct (the angle flange is turned out and the small flange is tapped manually by hammer) .


The production capacity per shift is around 200-400 square meters. The solution is suitable for small-area air duct processing, and the sharp opening, square opening and the special-shaped elbow need to be manually cut.

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