Variable Angle Notching Machine

Variable Angle Notching Machine

Notching machine, also been called corner notchers, is mainly used for cutting corners. The main structure is wholly welded by the steel plate with high rigidity and durability. The standard equipped blade can fully meet the demand of sheet metal fabrication workshops.
Corner notching machine is widely applied in automobile factories, boats, elevators, electrical equipment, pipes, cookware and stainless steel products.

  • Notching thickness: mild steel 0.5-6mm, stainless steel 0.5-3mm

  • Notching length: 200-250mm

  • Notching angle: 45-135°

Only the sheet metal notcher with the standard cutter can meet the processing demand of the normal sheet metal fabrication plant instead of having to make a set of molds for processing an angle or a thickness of an artifact like a normal punch.

It not only reduces the use cost and the trouble of frequent changing mold clamping of ordinary punch, but also improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity and workers’ risk, under low noise processing and built a quiet working environment for the factory workers.

Artizono Variable Angle Notching Machine

  • Adjust the blade clearance automatically according to the thickness of sheet metal.
  • With cutting angle adjustment mechanism for variable angle range 40-135°.
  • Overall welded structure makes it durable.
  • Widely applied in the automobile factory, boats, elevators, electrical equipments, pipeline, cooking utensils and stainless steel products etc.

Variable Angle Notching Machine

Artizono Variable Angle Notching Machine

ItemMax.Plate Thickness(mm)Max.Plate LengthCutting Angle RangeTravel TimesWorktable HeightMotor PowerDimension(mm)Weight

Variable Angle Corner Notcher

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