Vertical V Groover Machine

Vertical V Groover

Integrated welding with steel plate; high strength bolt connection; the stress is eliminated by large tempering furnace; the rear feeding adopts the design of universal ball; high precision ball screw is used as power transmission unit; the adjustable active worktable is made of carbon tool steel, after quenching, the hardness is greater than HRC55; 3 axis CNC servo control to realize automatic operation; NC program design.

  • The worktable hardness > HRC55

  • 3 axis CNC servo control

  • NC program design




The frame is welded with steel plate, and the internal stress is eliminated by tempering to prevent the body from deforming.

Vertical V Groover Frame
Vertical V Groover Backgauge, Beam, Bed

Backgauge, Beam, Bed

Rear Feeding

Vertical V grooving machine adopts rear feeding structure, fixed beams, the replaceable worktable, the problem of bed surface deformat