Who We AreMaanshan Artizono Machinery Co., Ltd. has specialized in the design and supplying of various sheet metalworking machinery for many years. Until now, we have developed a wide range of customized sheet metal working machinery for sale.

In order to offer our customers metalworking machine tools with high quality and cost-effective price to meet their most exacting needs, we cooperate with the most excellent R&D team to work this out.

We’re dedicated to providing top edge machinery, expert consultation, quality customer service to you so as to help you get more out of your metal. Give Artizono the opportunity to show what our quality machines & services can do for you and your businesses success today and beyond.

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Artizono Value

Our Values

These are the values that inspire our conduct and each of us is held responsible for putting these values into action, because the decisions we make and the actions we take daily contribute in creating our company’s reputation and in turn establish the foundations for building a successful future.

We not only provide high-quality machines but also excellent after-sale services

To provide our customers with high-quality machines, excellent after-sale services, good technical support, timely delivery, comprehensive quality inspection procedures, comprehensive troubleshooting instructions etc is what pursue for the past decades.

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Good customer services are the key factors for us to win the market

At Artizono, we pay much more attention to the after-sales service than any others, which is also one essential part of our daily job. We recognize that one size does not fit all, so we work to find a solution that best fits you.

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