Y27 Series Three Beam Hydraulic Drawing Press

Y27 Series Three Beam Hydraulic Drawing Press

Three-beam four-column structure adopt computer optimization design, rigid, simple and easy to operate. Overall steel plate welding. Hydraulic control adopts the two-way plug valve integrated system, with the pressure pre-release device. Independent electrical control system. PLC control.

  • Nominal Force: 100-2000T

  • Slider Stroke: 500-1400mm

  • Max. Opening Height: 900-1600mm


Three beams and four columns structure, economic and practical. The hydraulic control adopts integrated system of cartridge valve to reduce leakage point, with reliable operation and long service life. The two forming processes of constant pressure and stroke can be realized. It has the time delay function of keeping pressure. The work pressure stroke can be adjusted within the specified range. It can realize manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation by adopting centralized control of button.

Y27 Series Three Beam Hydraulic Drawing Press
Hydraulic Press Structure Details

Casting Beam & Working Table

The upper beam, movable beam and working table are made of #45 cast steel casting integrated (Or adopt welded steel plate structure. The welding uses carbon dioxide gas protection welding, remove stress after welding). It has good rigidity.

Post & Guide Sleeve

The post is made of #45 round steel and chrome plated to ensure it will never rust. The sliding sleeve (guide sleeve) is made of wear-resistant cast iron and embedded with Teflon wear-resistant material to prevent the post from strain and has good anti- deflection capability.

Hydraulic Press Structure Details
Hydraulic Press Structure Details

Advanced Hydraulic System

The machine has an independent and advanced hydraulic system, which is arranged on the right side of the main engine to provide a controllable hydraulic power source for the press. The fuel tank is a steel plate welding piece, adopting closed structure. After artificial grinding, paste, pickling, phosphating treatment to ensure cleanliness.

Hydraulic Pipeline

The hydraulic pipeline adopts cold drawn seamless steel pipe. After welding, polishing, pickling, neutralization, phosphating, cleaning, blow-drying, oiling and other processes, it enters the installation. The piping arrangement is clear, tidy. The bending radius of the high-pressure pipe is very normal. The high and low-pressure tube has an obvious color distinction.

Hydraulic Press Structure Details
Hydraulic Press Structure Details

Hydraulic Cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder is a piston structure. The cylinder body is selected with #45 tube with a good finish of the inner hole. Large cylinder is made of 45# forged steel. The piston rod is #45 round steel. The surface is hardened by medium frequency. After grinding, go through the chrome plating process. It featured wear resistance, rust resistance and long service life

Electrical System

The electrical system consists of two parts: the power cabinet and the operating station. The electric power adopts a three-phase four-wire power supply system. The electrical system is controlled by the relay (PLC control optional), and to achieve electro-hydraulic control with the hydraulic valve to complete various process action cycle.

Hydraulic Press Structure Details

Applied Industry

Hydraulic Press Applied Industry
Nominal PressureKn1000160020002500315040005000630010000125001600020000
Ejecting ForceKn200250400500630630100010001000100012002000
Max.Working Pressure of LiquidMpa26.22625252525262626262627
Slider Strokemm5005007007008008009009009009009001400
Max.Opening Heightmm9009001120112012501400150015001500150016001600
Workbench SizeF.Bmm58080090090012001200140015001600160016002000
Ejecting Strokemm200200250250300300300400400400450450
Slider SpeedIdle Downmm/s150200200200120170200200250250250250
Ejecting SpeedUpmm/s751201201205555757575757575
Outline DimensionF.Bmm/s207626502780278034403440410043902340525058005900
Height above Groundmm/s330033503690369039004050534856005800600065008000
Motor PowerKw7.51518.518.5222238.545687590124

Hydraulic Press Machine

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